About RedMas

RedMas offers targeted solutions, a leading network of premium media properties, and a unique insight into the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking digital consumer to help you meet your goals.

To achieve top results, all of our properties are segmented by channel and user profile. The combination of a cutting-edge segmentation technology and detailed optimization of all our campaigns, allow us to maximize your advertising investment.

RedMas targets the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking digital consumer through various interactive channels, mobile and online platforms, and video and image integration. The strength of our ad units allow us to respond appropriately to your digital advertising needs. We have a technical and in-house creative team that conceive tailored ideas to the needs of each or our partners.

RedMas provides an extensive network of more than 12,000 digital sites in Latin America and the US, reaching the Spanish and Portuguese speaking digital audience throughout the Americas. We deliver engagement and build experiences throughout our premium network of digital sites.



Our Products


We provide ways to customize the messages displayed with in-image or in-text advertising to your desired audience By analyzing the content of a web page, we provide the ads that seem most appropriate for your costumer. We can provide campaigns by Performance (CPL-CPC) or Branding (CPM + Richmedia) within our platform and affiliate sites.


When our customized categories are not a perfect match for you, we can create a target segment especially for your campaign. Leveraging the latest technology in real time bidding and trading desks, our +Audience solution allows us to reach users that fit your specific segmentation criteria. We offer distinct opportunities for brands to create meaningful conversations with the audience segment they need, maximizing brand value.

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Audio.ad provides leading solutions in Digital Audio Advertising in top publishers in Latin America and the US Hispanic markets, with over +55 million listeners a month discovering new stories and brands every day.

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Story.ad is a company specialized in native advertising reaching Latin America and the US Hispanic markets, that allows brands to promote relevant content to the audiences, in a network of premium sites. Its SaaS platform allows media outlets and ad networks to configure their own native advertising offerings.

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We provide great video advertising solutions with outstanding, yet non invasive, video formats that strike audiences at a scale.


Kontextua is one of the leading in-text, in-image and special formats advertising provider in the Latin America region, with its own self serve platform and excellent monetization and advertising options.

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