About RedMas

RedMas is the leading digital advertising solutions company serving the US Hispanic and Latin American markets. With its offices in USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay, RedMas offers regional and local coverage and a breadth of solutions that few digital advertising companies can match.

The key to our success lies in our myriad of advertising solutions, segmentation ability, and our complete network of premium publishers, which allow us to provide the right response to reach a defined target audience. We offer trustworthy quality digital advertising services to agencies and advertisers across the Americas.

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Our Products

  • Justmob

  • Audio.ad

  • Audience

  • Nativo

  • eHow en Español

  • Video

Our Services

Some of the solutions RedMas has to offer.

Digital Audio Advertising

Through Audio.ad, we provide digital audio advertising solutions.

Native Advertising

With Story.ad we deliver relevant stories to readers bringing forward the brand's voice.

Video Advertising

We offer great alternatives in Video Advertising through great formats.

We're a DSP

Boost your digital presence through programmatic media buying as well as other great alternatives we offer.

Display Advertising

Access a wide inventory of formats and websites through our exchanges.

In-Text Advertising

Discover the benefits of Kontextua for your products and brands.

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